Our focus is your mobility, our goal your quality of life.

Sooner care is better care.

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Living With Joint Pain?

If you’ve been living with joint pain, you aren’t living the best possible life. Pain in your knee, shoulder, hip, hand, wrist, ankle, or spine can slow you down and force you to leave behind the things you love to do.

The outstanding team at Fullerton Orthopedic wants to help you get rid of that pain so you can get on with your life. Our doctors and staff are here to guide you through the process no matter what stage of treatment you’re in.

At Fullerton, we offer comprehensive care including nonsurgical treatments, surgery, and rehabilitation.

Don’t Wait

Waiting too long to address joint pain can lead to more invasive procedures. We offer:

1. First, We Seek nonsurgical treatments to help preserve the joint and avoid surgery when possible.

2. Next, We Explore minimally invasive surgical procedures to limit risk and length of time for physical therapy and healing.

3. When Necessary, We Perform full replacement surgeries, using the most advanced technology available today.

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At Fullerton Orthopedic, You Receive A-Team Care

Nationally recognized surgeons with specialties in diverse areas of orthopedic care

A support team to guide you through the entire care process: education, tests and screenings, surgery, and rehabilitation

A customized care plan for each patient to ensure the best care and the quickest recovery

Doctors and staff who live and work in the community they serve

The Experience You Need

With over 50 years of combined experience, the surgeons at Fullerton Orthopedic are some of the most talented surgeons in the area. Their goal is to improve your mobility and function and thereby improve your quality of life. Get to know our incredible team and set up your consultation today.

Sooner is Better

Don’t let pain control your life, and don’t wait too long to seek help. The sooner you see our team, the better off you’ll be. Set up a consultation at Fullerton Orthopedic to learn what treatment plan is right for you.